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Karen Kosowski - Out Here At Sea - Singer/Songwriter [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Karen Kosowski - Out Here At Sea [May. 8th, 2005|11:16 am]
This is one of my favourite new albums of the year, hands down, and it's great that I finally have it in my hot little hands..... and being as Karen is Canadian AND talented, I feel like sharing the goodness....

For those not familiar with her work, Karen is an indie artist based out of Toronto, although she originally hails from Winnipeg. Her latest album (her fourth) is, in my opinion, her best to date. So many artists have an album to end all albums, their memorable work. Tori Amos has Little Earthquakes or Boys For Pele (depending who you ask); Sarah McLachlan has Fumbling Towards Ecstasy; Ani Difranco has Not a Pretty Girl. Karen has her latest.

The evolution of her sound has been fun to watch, from folkie girl with a guitar and sass, to rocked out folk, to her current sound, a jazzy-trip-hop blend. The album ranges from the political (We'll Find You) to the more personal (Important; Slide). Highlights of the album for me include Love and Bandaids, Scared To Death and the title track.

The album is currently in pre-release mode, only available at shows, but will soon be at cdbaby.com.... but in the meantime, I feel compelled beyond words to start whoring samples. Now, I wouldn't rip the whole album, because unlike, say, Madonna, Karen is a very much starving artist indie type. BUT here's what I did do.....

I've created a 10 minute mesh of clips from the album, strung together as an MP3. It's a you send it file. Please feel free to whore it around. The sound of this album is a jazzy/alt rock-ish Radiohead circa Kid A/OK Computer feel, with elements of Sarah McLachlan and hmm.... Sarah Slean. I can't really peg it, except that I love it and it's Karen. Click the link below directly - it will take you to the page where you can download. Mac users may have trouble - let me know, and I'll try and host it briefly.


The file contains samples of the following in order:
Love and Bandaids
Scared To Death
Tell Me What I'm Doing Wrong
No One's Watching
We'll Find You
Out Here At Sea

If you like what you here, please mosey on over to http://www.karenkosowski.com, and come post on the message board. You can also download full demo versions of Important and Love and Bandaids there, as well as goodies from previous albums.

(X-posted like a mad whore - sorry!)